To God 
Be The Glory

Jesus Christ came to earth about 2000 years ago. Through birth He became flesh so He could live with us, even though He was the Son of God.

Jesus did and said many amazing things during His lifetime. He taught the smartest men of His day more about God and truth than they could even understand. Jesus was so close to God that when He prayed, He called God "Abba," which means "Papa" or "Daddy" in the Hebrew language.

Jesus taught that God had sent Him here to take the punishment for the sins of the whole world -- your sins and mine. He said that He was the Only Way that God had provided to pay for our sins. At the age of 33, Jesus allowed an angry crowd to hang Him on a cross and put nails in His hands and feet. He took all the hurt and pain for us and died.

If that were all that Jesus did, then He would be remembered as a good man. But that is not all! Jesus Christ was buried and then He came back to life after 3 days to prove that He was the Son of the Most High God that can give us eternal life!

If you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Only True God and that He died for your sins, and you would like to have His Spirit live in your heart,  then click here.

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